Saturday, 7 June 2014

Nicol's Birthday | Picnic Party!

Dear fellow bloggers / readers,

I had such a fun time at one of my bestest friend's birthday picnic! It was beautifully set out and we ate loads (so much that we offered some to families around us!) We played the usual party games, including hitting the Pinâta, which was really fustrating but we eventually smacked the thing open, cheering with the rest of the families around us, who too were getting very impatient! We shared many laughs and had a joyful time under the sun!

Here are some of the pictures taken at the picnic! ( Photocreds: Tashnima )

      When we realised a simple way of             
                setting the Pinâta up.

                 Making Prank calls...

                       Birthday Girl!

                    Group Pictures!


So many more pictures! But i lost track of what i have and haven't more might be added later!

For now, 


PS This post has finally been written and posted quite late. The party took place a few weeks after her birthday, and i wrote this a few weeks after the party. Well done to you if you understood what i just said, because that did not make any sense at all.