Monday, 7 July 2014

School Trip | Visit to Girton College, Cambridge University

Dear fellow bloggers / readers,

Aswell as the exciting 'Tour de France' taking place today, along with few classmates, I took a trip to visit Girton College, University of Cambridge. A very wellknown University, for it's spectacular achievements in education and the support and inspiring opportunities it delivers to it's students.

To start off the day, we sat down with some refreshments kindly given by the college as we started to play a little game, which was then followed on by a lecture. We also carried out a little activity to help us understand that, aswell as giving up a lot of time towards studying, you can also make time for having fun too!

Soon after this, we all settled down for lunch whilst we discussed all the types of societies that make up Cambridge (it was very interesting yet shocking to find out that there are about 800 societies in Cambridge and to see the various types of societies there were).

We then were given a Tour around Girton College by a very generous woman called Laura, who organised our whole visit and was with us the entire time. The tour was really fun and exciting as many of the places we saw were old and vintage-styled, some were modernised which was also nice to see.

Eventually it was time to go home, but we all couldn't help having a little run around on their beautiful greenery space around their college gates. 

I took a few pictures...feel free to have a look :)

 The train ride to Cambridge University. It was so tiring, we took a bus, a train and           
                  a taxi to get there.

Just outside of Girton College as soon as        
                         we arrived.

                      The Cafeteria

  Cambridge own around an astonishing     

          8  M I L L I O N  B O O K S 

  A very old telescope that doesn't work 
  because two pieces do not fit together

                   'scuse the friend

This whole experience gave me a clear insight of what it could be like if i decide to attend a top University, such as Cambridge. It has really helped me to understand the life of a uni-student and the wide range of courses you can take at University to satisfy your interests. It has also taught me how important it is to keep organised as this makes things much easier.
I will be keeping an eye out for what i take interest in because i'm not too sure what i like at the moment...:/


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