Saturday, 18 July 2015

Geography Trip | Norfolk

Dear fellow bloggers / readers,

Besides being a terrible blogger, I've been up to a lot of things lately involving A LOT *underlines 'A LOT' multiple times* of school work. However, summer break is near and I can finally be at peace soon.

Anywho! A week ago - me and anyone else who studies geography - were off to a place called Norfolk, towards the East of England near to the coast. 

We stayed there for 4 days, despite the struggle of the scorching hot weather that we faced on the day we went out to do River FieldWork, I had a great time! It was a very exciting yet challenging experience, and i would love to do it again someday! 

The house we stayed at : 

laziness = unacceptable fashion choices

Our favourite mirror in the house haha

I didn't take any pictures of the areas at which we did the fieldwork or at the house nor of any of the activities we did. 

However, we did visit the Overstrand Beach 5 minutes from where we stayed, where i took a few snaps :)

Till next time