Saturday, 16 July 2016

Bangladesh | Outings

Majority of the outings were lunch / dinner parties that we were invited to as a welcoming. We also attended a wedding and saw other things. My brother didn't take much pictures of this / there are people in most of the pictures hence why I cannot post them.


Clothes Bazar

 A roadside Farmers Market with fresh fruit and vegetables.

We visited a local school, handed out treats and played games with the children.


Tea Garden

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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Bangladesh | Exploring My Inner Village

Dear bloggers / readers,

For 2 weeks, my family and I stayed in Bangladesh to spend time with family and friends. We experienced and saw a few outlandish and divergent things - in terms of lifestyle and culture - it was truly quite fascinating. I'd like to share the various snaps of which my brother managed to capture!

My brother took way too many pictures, meaning I'll have to post 2 or 3 separate blogposts on this trip.
Nonetheless, enjoy! :)