Monday, 25 August 2014

Charity (YPI Project) | Winning £3,000 for our Charity!

Dear fellow bloggers / readers,

What started of as a compulsory citizenship school project, ended as one of the-or dare i say it, THE best experiences of my life.

Before i get started, i think i should explain to you what YPI is all about. YPI stands for Youth Philantropy Initiative, in other words it's a global organisation, holding charity projects in many schools worldwide. This project involves you and a group of 4/5 max, to go out and find an everyday issue that you care about and to find a charity which supports this particular issue. We were so lucky to have our school participating in such a great project, which allows you to really help people who need it the most.

So! Now to how we got to winning £3,000 for our chosen charity!
First, let me introduce this 'we'. Yasmin, Greta, Eleanor and myself.
We were given 7 weeks to come out with an amazing presentation which reflects as to why our charity should be the one to win £3,000! We did get support by our teacher during our citizenship lessons, however most of the time we had to use our initiative to go out and do it ourself, which was really the main idea of the project!
So let me briefly set out the whole journey...

1st Week - Brainstorm a project that we strongly care about
We chose homelessness as we felt that despite all the help given, many people still aren't aware of how crucial it is to help this issue. Sometimes we forget about all those who are struggling every single second of their life to get the most basic needs, because we are all so lost within our luxurious lifestyles.

2nd Week - Researching statistics and information about homelessness
So at this week, we further researched the topics and found the most shocking and eye-widening data that we found out about homelessness.

3rd Week - Finding a Charity
We came back together as a group, and presented 2 charities. We all discussed the rules as well as the pros and cons.

- the charity must be a registered charity
- should not have any branches, has to be a local charity

After discussing these rules, we chose to go along with the Charity, Doorstep Homeless Families Project, as originally chosen and researched by Yasmin.
This charity focused on supporting families who struggle to keep up with their lives and daily routines, as they cannot find any jobs or afford to buy necessary things for their family and the whole lot. Sadly, this charity had lost it's core funding from the Camden Council, and so all they could rely on was donations, so this money could really help them out with a lot and for the long-term.
Feel free to check out what kinds of things they carry out to help homeless families on their website :

4th Week - Call and Visit the Charity
So we had called this charity and arranged to go visit them during the holidays. Here are some pictures from the visit.

Some donated books from the local people

When visiting we asked and filmed many questions about their charity that we were curious about. They were very lovely and inviting people, and we could see how they get on and appreciate even the smallest items. It was also very crouded (2 very small rooms, 1 very short and narrow room that fits about 3-4 washing machines, a kitchen and some playground space) however the children were very happy. They were receiving so much love and attention, food, clothes, toys -it made us realise how fortunate we were and also how ungrateful we can be at times. After visitng, we were very eager to win that prize money for them! 
Also during that week we had to create our presenttion and video for the next citizenship lesson. 

5th Week - Semi-finals
So at this Citizenship Lesson, we had to show our presentation to the class. The class observes many factors of the presentation and awards points based on how well the group has carried them out. The group with the most points goes through to the finals, which narrows it down to a group from every class in Year 9, competeing with each other. We had some great presentations competing at this round, but we happily won and went on to the finals! :D

6th Week - Improving and adding to our Presentation
So at this week we practiced and planned our final presentation, improved our speech, we also put together a powerpoint giving an example of what a struggling child can experience and how Doorstep Homeless Families Project could help the child and their family.

7th Week - The Finals!!!
What a very nerve-racking experience we were all going throught at this final point of the competition, all our hard work and dedication was about to be judged at this very night and our families had come to watch, so we had to perform at our very best. Every group was running over their presentation over and over, practising their lines, uploading their videos or slideshows. It was the day the judges would decide which group presents their charity as the most deserving of that £3000! Everyone at this stage had worked very hard to come to this point. Every single presentation was outstanding! There was so much creativity and hard work visible in these presentations, and it was also a very emotional night too. Seeing all these issues going on in the world had really opened our eyes to why we were doing this, and how it is very important to raise awareness to help these issues, no matter what age you are! We should always be helping others in their times of need as we would want help if we were in their positions, and nobody deserves to be unhappy or unstable in life, we all have the equal rights to be happy.

I am very happy to announce that through our hard work and presentation, we managed to get our issue through to the judges and audience's eyes, and showed them how important that £3,000 meant to our charity and how many lives that money could benefit. We won!! However, i was very surprised as all the other presentations were absolutely outstanding, we had some tough competition! 

Me and my team with the £3,000 cheque we get to donate to our charity, Doorstep Homeless Families Project.


DISCLAIMER : This competition had taken place quite a long time ago! I only just had the time to write about this, and to be honest it had slipped my mind a couple of times! I will publish the date this project took place at after asking my peers! Thank you for reading!...if you even did...

Monday, 7 July 2014

School Trip | Visit to Girton College, Cambridge University

Dear fellow bloggers / readers,

Aswell as the exciting 'Tour de France' taking place today, along with few classmates, I took a trip to visit Girton College, University of Cambridge. A very wellknown University, for it's spectacular achievements in education and the support and inspiring opportunities it delivers to it's students.

To start off the day, we sat down with some refreshments kindly given by the college as we started to play a little game, which was then followed on by a lecture. We also carried out a little activity to help us understand that, aswell as giving up a lot of time towards studying, you can also make time for having fun too!

Soon after this, we all settled down for lunch whilst we discussed all the types of societies that make up Cambridge (it was very interesting yet shocking to find out that there are about 800 societies in Cambridge and to see the various types of societies there were).

We then were given a Tour around Girton College by a very generous woman called Laura, who organised our whole visit and was with us the entire time. The tour was really fun and exciting as many of the places we saw were old and vintage-styled, some were modernised which was also nice to see.

Eventually it was time to go home, but we all couldn't help having a little run around on their beautiful greenery space around their college gates. 

I took a few pictures...feel free to have a look :)

 The train ride to Cambridge University. It was so tiring, we took a bus, a train and           
                  a taxi to get there.

Just outside of Girton College as soon as        
                         we arrived.

                      The Cafeteria

  Cambridge own around an astonishing     

          8  M I L L I O N  B O O K S 

  A very old telescope that doesn't work 
  because two pieces do not fit together

                   'scuse the friend

This whole experience gave me a clear insight of what it could be like if i decide to attend a top University, such as Cambridge. It has really helped me to understand the life of a uni-student and the wide range of courses you can take at University to satisfy your interests. It has also taught me how important it is to keep organised as this makes things much easier.
I will be keeping an eye out for what i take interest in because i'm not too sure what i like at the moment...:/


Saturday, 7 June 2014

Nicol's Birthday | Picnic Party!

Dear fellow bloggers / readers,

I had such a fun time at one of my bestest friend's birthday picnic! It was beautifully set out and we ate loads (so much that we offered some to families around us!) We played the usual party games, including hitting the Pinâta, which was really fustrating but we eventually smacked the thing open, cheering with the rest of the families around us, who too were getting very impatient! We shared many laughs and had a joyful time under the sun!

Here are some of the pictures taken at the picnic! ( Photocreds: Tashnima )

      When we realised a simple way of             
                setting the Pinâta up.

                 Making Prank calls...

                       Birthday Girl!

                    Group Pictures!


So many more pictures! But i lost track of what i have and haven't more might be added later!

For now, 


PS This post has finally been written and posted quite late. The party took place a few weeks after her birthday, and i wrote this a few weeks after the party. Well done to you if you understood what i just said, because that did not make any sense at all.

Friday, 28 February 2014

My First Blog | How I got here

Dear fellow bloggers / readers,

It's come to that point in life, where I've decided that I'd try to do something productive online...and yes, this is as productive as my internet life will get! Quite depressing, but sadly true.
As this is my first blog, I don't think you'll find my words as interesting as I tend to write gibberish when it's my first time for everything, but do read on, :D

I'm not sure what my blog will bring before your eyes, I can't predict what I'll come across in the future. But I'm pretty 
sure it won't be that boring...hopefully.

I have no real experience in writing, apart from the essays that I submit at school, or should I say forced  to submit. As you can tell, I'm not the biggest fan of school at the moment, but that's another pool of emotions that I don't want to bore you with. 

Moving on, an english teacher once told us to start writing blogs, as it'll help our learning, writing and getting somewhere in general. Well she never mentioned the last bit, but that's probably the message that she was trying to put across. Oh and she said it was free, talk about BONUS POINT(!)

I think I will just end my first blog there, it's quite cringeful but I don't exactly know what I'm doing and how this all works, but I'll get the hang of it soon!



P S~Are there any interesting blogs out there that I should read/follow? Maybe your's? 
P P S~ What does 'PS' even stand for?