Sunday, 27 December 2015

XMAS holidays | Winter Wonderland, Oxford St Shopping

Dear fellow bloggers / readers,

Staying in London this Christmas or New Years and looking for something exciting and memorable to do? 

I suggest visit Winter Wonderland! I had a great time there this week, twice in fact :)

Here are a few shots that I took :)

The most magical gateway to walk through during this festive month

A toasty and wintery atmosphere keeping you warm whilst you enjoy a meal, drink and live music

Beautifully decorated stalls, one after the other, selling the most cutest knick-knacks.

Plenty of fun and exciting rides! I went on the 'Ice Mountain' ride - it was reallly fun :) although i did scream my pants off

Many talented artists performed, this was my favourite part!

We then did a bit of shopping and as expected, Oxford Street did a splendid job with the lights  

I did not get shots of everything, but there were a lot more spectacular decor that i probably would not have given justice through my pictures anyway :)


Thursday, 29 October 2015

Halloween Activities | Smores Cupcakes, DIY Photobooth (...)

Dear fellow bloggers / readers,

Halloween is in 2 days! Here are some easy and fun last minute ways to celebrate this spooky holiday with friends and family!

Idea #1 | Carve Pumpkins

Yes, I know - how typical. But what's Halloween without carving cool and creative designs onto Pumpkins? It provides great Halloween decor for your house aswell as a fun time carving them with your friends. 

Compete to see who comes up with the best carved Pumpkin, and make it even more competitive by timing yourselves!
Get your carving kit and Pumpkin 
Draw a design with a sharpie

And carve!
What my friends and I created

Idea #2 | Halloween PhotoBooth

Photobooth's are a fun way to capture silly moments with your friends...however renting one can be expensive. So make your own! 

Buy affordable little Halloween decor from any store selling Halloween goodies and come up with a creative backdrop

And have fun! Get some fun PhotoBooth Props
 (which aren't too expensive either - or make your own with some straw, card and felt-tips!)

Idea #3 | Make Cupcakes! 

So we didn't really make Halloween-themed cupcakes but we made wintery-themed ones haha - Smores Cupcakes. Here's the method and recipe! 


Crush any biscuits of your choice into crumbs ( 9-10 good sized biscuits ) 

Melt some butter ( 5 tablespoons )


Separate and flatten out the crumb mixture into each compartment of the cupcake baking tray. And bake at 350F for 5 minutes. 


All purpose flour - 1 3/4 cups
Granulated Sugar - 1 1/2 cups
Buttermilk - 1 cup
Baking Soda - 2 tsp
Baking Powder - 1 tsp
Vanilla - 1 tbsp
Cocoa Powder - 3/4 cup
Black Coffee - 1 cup
Eggs - 2

Mix all those ingredients into one large bowl 

Then pour the Chocolate Cupcake Batter into the compartments, ontop of the baked Biscuit Crust

We had some extra batter left over but no biscuits haha

Preheat your oven to 350F and bake your smores cupcakes 20 minutes. You may need to keep them in longer, so check them if you do so 
(Insert a toothpick in cupcake - if if comes out dry, it's cooked)

Top with a marshmallow/meringue frosting (after the cupcakes cool down)

And voila! Deliciousness. 


Thursday, 20 August 2015

Weeks Catch-Up #1 | Summer Barbecues, Museums and Parks

Dear fellow bloggers / readers,

I thought i would write up an update blogpost, as i  intended to write a few this summer...which clearly didn't work out as summer is nearly over, and this is the first.
Anyhow, a few cousins stayed over, so here's a brief outline of what happened this week.

( DISCLAIMER : In the moment, i forgot to take enough snaps for a blogpost )

Sunday | Summer Barbecue

From lunch till past midnight, we stayed outside the entire time, doing all sorts of things from playing ballgames, sneaky watefights, lighting fires, grilling the barbecue (twice) to just chilling under the stars. It was a great day.
Monday | Talacre Park 

After lunch, we headed out to a smaller park, with a few snacks and drinks to have a good run around. 

Tuesday | Hampstead Heath

On this day, we ran around the park like a silly bunch as it was rather empty haha. We also went on a long walk around Hampstead Heath, to see the different, pretty areas of the park.

Wednesday | Natural History Museum, Science Museum and The Kyoto Garden

One day before results day, so we decided to stay out the whole day, so some of us could keep our minds off of that haha. I especially loved the Garden because it had such a lovely atmosphere and vibe to it. The Science Museum was quite interesting too.
Thursday | Results Day

Well this day was stressful for a few individuals in my family. They all did very well and got the results they wanted! However, it was raining and there was a thunderstorm so we couldn't go out.

Friday | Pyjama Party

We danced, sang and snacked all night as you would do in a typical Pyjama Party. We then watched horror movies at 2 in the morning but eventually fell asleep quite late.

Saturday | Primrose Hill and Regents Park

We made our way to Primrose Hill where we walked up a very steep hill, to see a beautiful view of London. We then made our way down to Regents Park to play in the park and see the lovely scenery. 

Sunday | Hampstead Heath & Picnic

So on this last day out, we headed back to Hampstead Heath ( on high demand ) and had a little picnic. We also went on a loooong walk to many places within this huge park and had a great time on the park rides. 

It twas a long tiring week but also a lot of fun! :)


Saturday, 18 July 2015

Geography Trip | Norfolk

Dear fellow bloggers / readers,

Besides being a terrible blogger, I've been up to a lot of things lately involving A LOT *underlines 'A LOT' multiple times* of school work. However, summer break is near and I can finally be at peace soon.

Anywho! A week ago - me and anyone else who studies geography - were off to a place called Norfolk, towards the East of England near to the coast. 

We stayed there for 4 days, despite the struggle of the scorching hot weather that we faced on the day we went out to do River FieldWork, I had a great time! It was a very exciting yet challenging experience, and i would love to do it again someday! 

The house we stayed at : 

laziness = unacceptable fashion choices

Our favourite mirror in the house haha

I didn't take any pictures of the areas at which we did the fieldwork or at the house nor of any of the activities we did. 

However, we did visit the Overstrand Beach 5 minutes from where we stayed, where i took a few snaps :)

Till next time


Friday, 29 May 2015

Eiricol's Picnic 2015 | Outfit and more!

Dear fellow bloggers / readers,

Before you begin reading, take a look at the montage I put together of this day on YouTube! Subscribe, leave a like and whatnot (if you want) Click on the image below to watch! :)


Now let us move onto the actual Blog! So another Picnic Birthday Party this year, but this time with more people which meant more craziness! I had a lot of fun and I wish Eirinn and Nicol (Eiricol) a happy birthday! Scroll to the end for my outfit details.

Note : there are way too many selfies in here haha


Jacket : New Look

Dress : H&M

Shoes : BHS