Friday, 29 May 2015

Eiricol's Picnic 2015 | Outfit and more!

Dear fellow bloggers / readers,

Before you begin reading, take a look at the montage I put together of this day on YouTube! Subscribe, leave a like and whatnot (if you want) Click on the image below to watch! :)


Now let us move onto the actual Blog! So another Picnic Birthday Party this year, but this time with more people which meant more craziness! I had a lot of fun and I wish Eirinn and Nicol (Eiricol) a happy birthday! Scroll to the end for my outfit details.

Note : there are way too many selfies in here haha


Jacket : New Look

Dress : H&M

Shoes : BHS


Monday, 11 May 2015

Mock Week | What I Snack On

Dear fellow bloggers / readers,

So for those of you who are unsure of what 'Mock Week' is, it's essentially just a week or so in school, where you are examined of everything you've learnt so far!

So obviously, i had to get a start on studying (well trying to make a start to studying anyways)

In the midst of this stressful period, i haven't had time to Blog anything, so i thought i'd write up this quick post for the time being. 

...and to make up for being gone for so long.

This drink that you'll see me drinking every-so-often is none other than the Lemon Zest Green Tea by PG Tips.

It's a refreshful drink to sip on whilst revising and helps keeps you feeling energised (well for me anyways) 

I also have it with some honey for that extra sweetness!

1 ) Grapes
I prefer green ones but the purple ones seem to fill me up quicker, and they cure my cravings for something sweet!

2 ) Granola and Yoghurt ( I'd usually add some berries but there were none in the house this day either :( )

3 ) Sometimes i'd snack on a Granola Bar / Cereal Bar as it helps to keep me full for a long time.

( This isn't my favourite in particular but it's all i had in the house that day )

Or i just go for deez nuts ;)

That's all for now...i obviously snack on more things but i wanted to post something up as soon as possible! 

What are your favourite food to snack on?