Thursday, 20 August 2015

Weeks Catch-Up #1 | Summer Barbecues, Museums and Parks

Dear fellow bloggers / readers,

I thought i would write up an update blogpost, as i  intended to write a few this summer...which clearly didn't work out as summer is nearly over, and this is the first.
Anyhow, a few cousins stayed over, so here's a brief outline of what happened this week.

( DISCLAIMER : In the moment, i forgot to take enough snaps for a blogpost )

Sunday | Summer Barbecue

From lunch till past midnight, we stayed outside the entire time, doing all sorts of things from playing ballgames, sneaky watefights, lighting fires, grilling the barbecue (twice) to just chilling under the stars. It was a great day.
Monday | Talacre Park 

After lunch, we headed out to a smaller park, with a few snacks and drinks to have a good run around. 

Tuesday | Hampstead Heath

On this day, we ran around the park like a silly bunch as it was rather empty haha. We also went on a long walk around Hampstead Heath, to see the different, pretty areas of the park.

Wednesday | Natural History Museum, Science Museum and The Kyoto Garden

One day before results day, so we decided to stay out the whole day, so some of us could keep our minds off of that haha. I especially loved the Garden because it had such a lovely atmosphere and vibe to it. The Science Museum was quite interesting too.
Thursday | Results Day

Well this day was stressful for a few individuals in my family. They all did very well and got the results they wanted! However, it was raining and there was a thunderstorm so we couldn't go out.

Friday | Pyjama Party

We danced, sang and snacked all night as you would do in a typical Pyjama Party. We then watched horror movies at 2 in the morning but eventually fell asleep quite late.

Saturday | Primrose Hill and Regents Park

We made our way to Primrose Hill where we walked up a very steep hill, to see a beautiful view of London. We then made our way down to Regents Park to play in the park and see the lovely scenery. 

Sunday | Hampstead Heath & Picnic

So on this last day out, we headed back to Hampstead Heath ( on high demand ) and had a little picnic. We also went on a loooong walk to many places within this huge park and had a great time on the park rides. 

It twas a long tiring week but also a lot of fun! :)